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Hi, I'm Taja. A Girly Girl. A BBW Camgirl. An Ebony Goddess. A Free Thinker. A Nerd By Some Standards. A Shit Starter In Some Circles.A Shy Bestfriend. An Ex-Girlfriend With A Whole Lot Of Commentary. A foul mouthed girl form the Dirty South. A Poet. An Understanding Auntie, and possibly The Mother Of The Next Generation. Follow me on Twitter @pussybythepound for my next move.
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I love cam sessions! 
HD webcam and always audio available.
Almost always POV.
I enjoy nude & non nude shows.
cam2cam, I’m into teasing, verbal domination and humiliation, ass/boobs/legs worship.
Soft fetishes, roleplay, girly femdom (duh).
Sucking and deepthroat my big realistic dildo, my mouth is pretty skilled ;) spit galore hehe 
You can watch me live on cam on skype. Click here to know how to skype with me.

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                 All Credit/Debit Cards Accepted

10 min for $20 15 min for $30 20 min for $35 30 min for $55 40 min for $70 50 min for $80 60 min for $100 These prices are not negotiable. In fact I feel they are very generous. 

I do NOT accept paypal as a form of payment or gift. Feel like spoiling me? Click here.
It’s always best to ask me first about my willingness or your ideas.

How Do I Pay?
I accept all major credit, bank debit cards, and prepaid or gift card.
Charges will be discreetly billed to your credit card.

Is My Credit Care and Personal Information Confidential?

ABSOLUTELY! Your personal information is strictly confidential!
I do not share client information with each other. Therefore, each time
you place a call you will be asked for your personal information.

How Do I Place A Call?

Please make sure to have your credit card handy and
be prepared to answer to following questions:

- First and last name on credit card.
-Credit card number including the expiration date
-Card verification value on back side of card.
-Your Billing Address where your statements are mailed to.
-A contact phone number.
-If and where you’d like a receipt emailed
*The date on your credit card bill may be delayed 5-10 days
from the date of call, depending on your issuing bank.

Why Do You Need My Billing Address?

The credit card companies require me to verify your address as protection against credit card fraud. It is to your benefit because it helps keep other people from using your credit card illegally. I DO NOT send anything to your billing address. Your privacy is very important to me and your address is used for billing verification only.

Why Do You Need My Phone Number?

NO I will NOT be calling you unless you attempt to do a chargeback.
Your phone number is required to match the phone records of the calls placed with the me. You will ONLY receive a call from our billing department if there is a problem with your card. Since I will be asking you for your phone number DON’T BLOCK IT

Please read my post below on why I think its better to book a show with an Independent Camgirl vs. a Mega Camsite

Hey ya’ll (in my best Paula Deen voice) Life has been great. Enjoying the summer in the deep south and all its perks. This will be my first summer getting into the webcam buisness hardcore. Its been pretty tough though. Extremely slow. Maybe I picked the wrong time of year to embark on this endeavor? Just a bit of background on me…Ive been a phone sex operator for five years now but about a year ago I decided to creep out from the phone cradle to the front of the camera. I’ve been pouring my heart and soul into this webcam adventure. Luckily for me I already learned the ropes when I started out doing phone sex with companies like and the dreaded TBE.

But everyone has to start somewhere, right? I did phone sex for other companies direct dial and dispatch for about a year before i realized i could make more money working for myself. I could go independent and become my own boss. Set my own hours & pay rate. Because honestly the percentage that many of these companies pay are the fucking equivalent to slave wages. Yup, I said it! The great majority of phone sex companies payout to their “talent” less than .40 cents a minute. Can you believe that? You pay upwards to $4.99 a minute to talk to a woman who will not judge you for all your filthy perversions and make you cum. Just so you can get a release and live out your wildest fantasies and then walk away. And then said woman only gets a fraction of the pie. It’s sad when you really think about it. This is why I say promote independant girls. Wether it be phone sex girl or webcam girl. Chances are they’re more cost effective than those sites you see on the porntubes and glossy magazines. The indepndant girl knows the ropes. She’s a professional. She loves what she does. Thats why she has stuck with it and put in the time and effort to build her own site and secure proper billing. This independant phone sex girl is well versed in fetish and knows how to be discreet. She and We know what we are doing!

The point of this post is not to bum anyone out or put you on a guilt trip. Im not really sure what the point is. Right now Im just writing from the heart and please excuse my typos. But after working for the man and only getting a fraction of the pie and having no say in what my topics I discuss, I decided to become an independant phone sex operator. I figured what the hell I have a filthy mind and Im an artist who loves to have fun. “Go for it” was my attitude. In the beginning I worked on my websites night and day. Posting my links all over the internet. Joining social networking. Payed traffic. Everything. Soon the buisness came rolling in. Even now four years later men call me citing websites that I posted on from the beginning. Yeah, what you put out there stays out there.

So now fast forward five years and I am becoming a BBW camgirl. I’ve joined up with all the megasites MFC(My Free Cams),Streamate, AllBBWCams, JustBBWCams and even some in europe. I thought a major site with tons of traffic would equal tons of money. But instead after a few months I feel like Im in a deja vu tunnel. Its a tunnel that just keeps spinning over and over. Forcing me to see my past mistakes and misconceptions. Not fun at all. Its weird how a realization reached years ago can be so easily forgotten and buried beneath aspirations for success. In short I’ve been blinded by my own ambition.

These mega camsites only pay thier girls a sad measely 35%. Some may go higher but still not that impressive. And not only is the percentage low, but they are forced to endure “Free Chat”. That’s when men who have no intentions of paying sit in your chat room and torment you with free request. “Stand up BB”, “Show me your ass BB” “How big are your nipples BB”. Now please if you are an honorable guy who puts into the pot. Im sure you wont be offended by what I just wrote. But…if you’re feelin a bit guilty or uncomfortalbe right now. Then I suppose I’m talking about you. Don’t worry it’s never too late to change. Keep in mind this beautifully sexually uninhibited woman is on her job. Yeah she’s freaky and loves to have fun and make men cum and show off on cam. But even she needs to eat and pay her bills. Have a heart.

So in short, I know I said this already. But really I’m to the point where I must and need to become an Independant Webcam girl. I can’t afford the time sitting on mega camsites waiting to reach my goal. You may see me on them from time to time. But it’s really only to get my name out there and gain exposure. So if you do see me…please take notice and put your best $effort$ forward. And I shall do the same. But if you start with any of the foolishness and the timewasting tantics like I said before, then I will make you vanish like the last cupcake at a chubby girls birthday party. This is no joke people. Just like that, poof! I will find a way. And becoming an independant camgirl is the path I am choosing from here on out.

Follow me on twitter @pussybythepound and check my skype logo on my side bar to see when I am online.